Afke Golsteijn (Amsterdam 1975)

Works and lives in Amsterdam The Netherlands

Previously worked under pseudonym “idiots”


  • Solo Museum Coda Apeldoorn The Netherlands


  • Solo Gallery Marzee Nijmegen The Netherlands
  • Art Fair Schmuck Galery Marzee Munchen Germany
  • Art Fair Art Amsterdam Solo Gallery Marzee The Netherlands
  • Mode Fabriek Amsterdam Gallery Husstege the Netherlands


  • ‘Sieraad en taxedermie’, Museum Modern Art Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Expo: I wanna be your dog : curated Barbara Koch, kunsthalle: Dortmund Germany
  • Expo: Jewellery: Museum Gorichum Gallery Marzee The Netherlands
  • Expo: Beauty of the Beast: Museum Arnhem,the Netherlands
  • Expo : Oracles du design ; curated Lidewy edelkoort collection Fnac/Cnap Paris France
  • Art fair Art Amsterdam The Netherlands Gallery Husstege/ gallery Marzee
  • Art Fair Pan Galery Marzee the Netherlands
  • Design Fair Collect; galery Marzee London UK



  • ‘Pan’ Art Fair, gallery Marzee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  •  ‘Realisme’, Art Fair, Gallery Art Kitchen Passengers terminal , Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘Art Rotterdam/Raw’, Art Kitchen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  •  ‘Latest Harvest’Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada, USA
  •  ‘Museum te Gorichum’, gallery Marzee, The Netherlands
  •  Solo Tool Gallery, Loic Bigot, Paris, La France
  •  Solo Gallery Platina, Sofia Bjorkman, Stockholm, Sweden



  • ‘Twente Bienale’, Rijks Museum Twente Enschede, The Netherlands
  •  ‘Rariteitenkabinet’, Amfi met Toon Achterberg, Amterdam, The Netherlands  ‘Art Amsterdam’ Art fair, gallery artKitchen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘Art fair New York’, design gallerie Ornamentum, USA
  •  ‘Collect London’, gallery Marzee, London, UK
  • ‘Schmuck’ jewelry fair, gallery Marzee Munich, Germany
  • ‘Pan’ Art Fair, gallery Marzee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • ‘Taxidermia, generaal pardon’, Paraplu fabriek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands ‘Galerie Marzee, Museum Edinborough, Scotland
  • ‘Camouflage, Museum Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
  • ‘Pan’ Art Fair, gallery Majke Hu¨sstege, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  •  ‘Schmuck’ jewelry fair, gallery Marzee Munich, Germany
  •  ‘Art Amsterdam’ Art fair, gallery artKitchen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  ‘Art fair New York’, design gallerie Ornamentum, USA
  •  ‘Collect London’, gallery Marzee, London, UK


  • ‘Object’ art and design fair, gallery Marzee, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘Realisme’ Art fair, gallery artKitchen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘Art Amsterdam’ Art fair, gallery artKitchen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘Beestachtig Goed’, gallery Majke Hu¨sstege, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
  • ‘De keuze van Hu¨sstege’ CBK, gallery Majke Hu¨sstege, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
  • ‘Met Huid en Haar’ kunstcentrum Kadmium, Delft, The Netherlands
  • ‘SOFA’ Art fair, gallery Ornamentum, New York, United States
  • ‘Blooom’ Art design fair, gallery artKitchen, Cologne, Germany
  • ‘Pan’ Art Fair, gallery Majke Hu¨sstege, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ‘Schmuck’ jewelry fair, gallery Marzee Munich, Germany
  • ‘Dag en Nacht van de Wetenschap’ Art fair, gallery Sign, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • ‘Exhibition’, gallery Ornamentum, New York, United States
  • ‘Maison & Object’ Design fair FNAC, curator: Anthony van den Bosche, Paris, France
  • ‘Exhibition’, gallery Sterling, Budapest, Hungary
  •  ‘Collect London’, gallery Marzee, London, UK
  • Solo ‘Romantic Decay’ gallery artKitchen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • ‘Naturalmente’ Artkitchen gallery, March 28 t/m June 6, Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • Art Fair;Art Amsterdam The Netherlands, Amsterdam RAI stand artKitchen Gallery Ear your Art out!
  • Art/Design Fair Collect Gallery Marzee, Londen UK
  • Art Fair SOFA NY Gallery Ornamentum, NY USA
  • Art&Design Fair Design Miami Gallery Ornamentum, Miami USA
  • Art&Design Fair ST Ettienne Design Biennalle, November 2 – February 13, 2011 curator;Benjamin
  • Loyaute, St Etienne France
  • Kunstmanivestatie Expo, Gemeente heemskerk Hollands duinreservaat, curator; Jaap Velsenboer,
  • The Netherlands
  • Expo; ‘Mea-ting Mens&vlees’, Peron 58 Tilburg, October 31 – November 28, Curator;Tineke
  • Schuurmans, The Netherlands
  • Expo Solo Gallery Marzee Nijmegen, The Netherlands


  • Art fair – Real is me 09, January 14- 18, curator/Gallery Artkitchen place; Passengers terminal Piet Heinkade 27, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • International jewellery fair; Schmuck Gallery Marzee Munchen Germany, Munchen Germany
  • Art fair SOFA, Gallery Ornamentum, NY USA
  • International Art Fair; PAN Amsterdam the Netherlands, Gallery Marzee, The Netherlands
  • Exposition DISplay “Art and collections II”, April 30 – June 21, Np3 Groningen Netherlands
  • Private museum Grenoble “Une collection”, (collection de Vincent Bazin), May 2nd – June 6, Grenoble France
  • Jewellery with Gallery Marzee Art fair Collect May15-17, London UK
  • Art Amsterdam 09 Solo May 13-17 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Artkitchen gallery
  • Museum Verbeke foundation, curator Geert Verbeke, May 23 – November 15, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Pierre Berge & associes auction June 17, Place du Grand Sablon, Brussels, Belgium
  • Canada on the cultures of taxidermy, Vancouver Museum curator; Rachel Poliquin, Vancouver, Canada
  • De Aard van het Beest, Coda Museum Apeldoorn, group show curator Jos van Doorn, November 7 – February 7, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


  • Art fair; Real is me 08 Artkitchen gallary, Passengers terminal, Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Designhuis Eindhoven Netherlands group show, The Netherlands
  • Gustavsberg Konsthall Stockholm Sweden, group show “Graviti” curator; May sandell, Stockholm Sweden
  • Biennale Internationale Ce´ramique Contemporaine Vallauris France, group show Musee Magnelli, Musee National Picasso, Vallauris France
  • Gallery Norsu Helsinki Finland, group show “ANIMAL” curator Mia Maljojoki, Helsinki Finland


  • International Art fair: Mobile del Salone Milan Italy, exposition ‘Eden DNA’ Cite du design center culturel Franc¸ais by Anthony van den Bossche, Milan Italy
  • National Museum of Art Arnhem The Netherlands, For The Arnhem Fashion Biennale by Piet Paris, Arnhem The Netherlands
  • Museum ‘De Kunstkas’ by The Verbeke Foundation Antwerp Belgium, group show ‘Vitarti’ (art and nature), Curator; Martin den Boomgeard, Antwerp Belgie
  • National Museum of Nature and History Rotterdam Bloedmooi, curator; Silvia B, Rotterdam The Netherlands
  • Gallery ‘Ron Mandos’ Rotterdam The Netherlands, group show ‘Bloody Beautyful’ part II, The Netherlands


  • Solo International Art fair; Art Rotterdam, Gallery artKitchen, The Netherlands
  • National Museum of modern art architecture and design Oslo Norway, group show “the state off things’, Oslo Norway
  • Ophelia is in the Museum Collection
  • International Art Fair: ‘Art Amsterdam’, Stand artKitchen gallery, The Netherlands
  • International Design Biennale St. Etiene France ‘Eden DNA’, curated by Anthony van den Bossche, St Etienne France


  • Solo DNB (the National Bank) The Netherlands, Curator; Gallery Art Kitchen
  • Group show Gallery Via Farini Milan Italy, Mobile Del Salone, Milan Italy,  founded by the Mondriaan Foundation
  • Artist in residence EKWC ( Eurpean Center for Ceremics, ’s Hertogenbosch The Netherlands ) Stippend For young Artist.
  • Solo Gallery ‘de Andere kant’, Zutphen The Netherlands


  • Group show Gallery Tent CBK Rotterdam
  •  Art: Solo Gallery ‘De Andere kant’ Zutphen The Netherlands
  • Art: Solo Gallery Kokon to Zai, Paris France
  • Art/ Fashion: Solo Gallery Kokon to Zai, Londen UK



  • Graduated Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam The Netherlands, Jewellery and Textile/autonomic sculpture
  • Gallery Marzee Nijmegen The Netherlands, Jewellery, *Marzee prize 2003 jewellery
  • International Art Fair: Leipziger messe at Midora Leipzig Germany, * third prize new jewellery design by the audience
  • Museum of Roermond The Netherlands, Curator gallery Marzee Jewellery



  • 2010 Absolute talent award absolute Vodka, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2004 Midora Schmuck Leipzig, Germany
  • 2003 Marzee prijs Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • 2002 Design prijs textiel museum Tilburg, The Netherlands



  • 2003/2011 Private Collections in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Kuwait, Austria, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Hongary, Switserland, London
  • 2012 Collection Museum Kiasma , Helsinki, Finland
  • 2011 Collection of the Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2008 Collection Nike, The Netherlands
  • 2008 Collection Akso Nobel, The Netherlands
  • 2007 Collection Flexa, The Netherlands
  • 2006 Collection of the Nederlandse bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2006 National Museum for Achitecture and Design, Oslo, Norway
  • 2005 FNAC, Paris, France



  • 2011 Verbeke Foundation symposium Belgium
  • 2011 Cultclub Artkitchen gallery, The Netherlands
  • 2009 Designhuis Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 2008 Villa Nuts, The Netherlands
  • 2008 Gustafsons konsthall stockholm Sweden
  • 2008 Gallery Norsu Helsinky Finland
  • 2007 Mode bienale Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • 2007 MMKA Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • 2006 Verbekefoundation, Symposium Belgium





  • 2009 Eat yout art out The Netherlands, United Kingdom
  • 2008 Compendium; Jewellery, Germany
  • 2008 Mapping vrije vormgeving BNO The Netherlands
  • 2008 Mode & Accesoires The Netherlands, Spain
  • 2008 Art of Fashion, United Kingdom



  • 2012 Camouflage, cataloge Kiasma Museum, Finland
  • 2011 On Design FNAC France
  • 2010 Piere Berge wish-list Lidewij Edelkoort Belgium
  • 2010 Aard van het beest CODA museum The Netherlands
  • 2010 Chateaux Fontain Blanc France
  • 2010 Gallery Marzee The Netherlands
  • 2009 Mode Biennale The Netherlands
  • 2009 Cultures on Taxedermi M.O. V Canada
  • 2009 Meating mens en vlees The Netherlands
  • 2009 Piere Berge Design and Sculptures Belgium
  • 2009 Une collection Vincent Basin France
  • 2009 Animale Verbeke Foundation Belgium
  • 2008 Ceramiqe Contemporaine Biennale Vallauris France
  • 2008 Gallery Marzee , The Netherlands
  • 2008 Enter Platina Stockholm Sweden
  • 2008 Biennale International Design St Etienne France
  • 2008 Art Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • 2008 Super Store the Netherlands
  • 2008 Graviti Stockholm Sweden
  • 2007 VIT<A>RTI Verbeke Foundation
  • 2007 Telling Tales Victoria and Albert Museum, United Kingdom
  • 2007 Mode Biennale The Netherlands
  • 2006 Art Amsterdam the Netherlands
  • 2006 Koru II Finland
  • 2006 Designers Design Japan
  • 2006 Ceramiqe Contemporaine Biennale Vallauris France
  • 2006 Biennale International Design St Etienne France
  • 2006 Tinges tillstand national Museet Norway



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